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Napsal: čtv 11. srp 2016 23:25:27
od Puklica
Allowed languages CZ, SK, ENG.

is forbidden:

1. Using in-game utilities (hacks, cheats etc.), which disadvantage other players (for example AB, WH, Bhop script etc.).
2. Abusing faults of game/maps (=exploiting bugs)
3. Swearing and insulting other players, including admins.
4. Using server commands without a reason or repeating them too fast (=spamming them).
5. Spamming chat or disturbing other players with excessive talking, or playing music.
6. Helping enemy (in any way).
7. Killing teammates.
8. [ZM] Not infecting CTs. In case of first (and the only living) zombie commiting suicide or writing retry in console.
9. Camping (except maps which are designed for camp).
10. Slowing down the game. (Last CT(s) somewhere far away behind zombies etc.)
11. Writing retry into console or moving to spectator in purpose to become zombie.

Last modified August 18, 2015